Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love this salad dressing because it makes me want to eat a salad.

Actually I love salads, but not usually at home when I make them myself.
It's just not the same for some weird reason.

Now. When I try to make my own dressing, I never like my salad.
I can make a mean Greek Salad with tomatoes and feta and olives and cucumbers...
but add lettuce to equation and I stink at salad making.

But if I have this dressing on hand. I can do it.

So even if I do not make it myself and even if it is filled with lots of stuff....
I like it because it makes it possible for me to enjoy a big salad of greens and tomatoes and green onions
and roasted chicken.

This dressing is good with spinach and fruit and nuts too.

It may not be the best choice but it is my favorite choice.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walking and cooking.

I have continued to walk every day. Some days a little bit.
Once around the Target. And some days more...up to 60 minutes.

I have walked over 800 minutes and my goal is 1049 by the end of the month. I am on target...ha...walking around Target.
The weather is still very cold here in Wisconsin and I don't like to walk outside in the cold cloudy weather.
I never imagined I would walk around Target. But I am and it adds up.

Then I get my Chai.

I continue to drink one Chai a day. It is the culinary highlight of most days.

I continue to cook and cook and cook.

Today I made Sherried Tomato Soup.
Takes a lot longer than opening a can, but it really is delicious and it is fun to know exactly what goes into it.

My favorite thing I have made is that old fashioned Hot Chicken Salad Casserole and Chicken and Dumplings.

Neither of the dishes is low cal and I am sure that is why I am not losing weight.

Too much fat. Too many calories.

All natural and home made. But not low fat.
When I make something I like, I tend to eat large portions.

I am the only one who will eat the Sherried Tomato Soup and I am sure I will be sick of eating it before it is gone.
I do not like to waste. so I suppose I need to learn to make smaller batches.
That is a novel idea.

Walking and cooking and waiting for spring and the farmer's market.
Good things.