Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The first diet food I remember is cottage cheese. My mom would watch her weight and I remember her eating cottage cheese.

I think of her when I eat cottage cheese. I eat it with scallions/green onions, salt and pepper.
I can't remember if she taught me the scallions trick.

But every time I eat it I think of her.

Funny thing is, my husband eats cottage cheese almost every night at dinner.
He does not eat it for dietary reasons. He just likes it.
In fact, he often asks for cottage cheese when we are at a restaurant to replace his salad.

My grandma always had peppermints in her drawer in her kitchen.

So does my husband.


My mom went to Jack Lalane's exercise studio. She wore a pink leotard.

My husband has never worn a leotard.

That I know of.