Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I broke up with the Schwans Man.

He keeps coming by and I don't have the heart to tell him that I do not want to eat
any of the processed frozen food he has in is truck.

When I don't buy anything from him, he nearly cries.

I try to think of this or that to get from him.

Like Fudgecicles for my husband or Chicken Kiev for Katie.

But for me. There is nothing in the truck that I want.

I am cooking for myself. I am choosing the ingredients carefully and trying new recipes.

Sometimes I look at the packages of Lean Cuisine in the frozen food section of the grocery store...but then I think
about all the junk in them. I think. I will try to make that myself.

Some days we order pizza. Some days we stop at the village bar for a burger.

But most days, I am getting to be a regular Ina Garten; cooking in my pretty blouse, choosing fine ingredients and quietly cooking.

I am thankful that I have time to cook and time to shop and time to plan.
I am thankful that it gets me off the couch.

The Schwans truck used to be very loud and i could hide out in the house and not answer the door.
Now he has a quiet stealth like truck and I am fooled by it and I answer the door.

And then I have to say. No, I don't want anything today.
And her tries hard to sell me on something his little computer reminds him of...
and I say no thank you. again.

And then I feel badly.

But I know it's for the best.

Break ups can be hard.