Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan 5, 2011

I inadvertently stepped away from the Living Healthfully writing for longer than I ever thought I would.

I have not quit. I have only taken a break.

In the last few weeks, I has slipped and failed and broken a healthy living rule every day.
I have not broken every rule every day. But I have not been perfect.

And like Lizzy's father says in Pride and Prejudice.

I am heartily ashamed of myself, Lizzy.
But don't despair, it will pass...
...and no doubt more quickly than it should.

Truly, with a house full of company and entertaining and going here and there and out to eat I could not live the spartan, disciplined, healthy life.

I did not start drinking soda again. I had perhaps one Diet Dr. Pepper and I did not like it. I tried a little Sierra Mist and found it too sweet. That was a happy note. My taste buds may have changed and I like that.

I ate many too many candies. We are given delicious candies over the holidays and I ate them little by little.
The whole box of toffee took a week to eat instead of 24 hours. That's an improvement.

But I think eating the candies has awakened my desire for sugar so I will be watching that carefully.

I did not eat only when I was hungry and I will try to establish those wise and healthy eating patterns again.

I am not hungry when I wake up and find it is easy to wait for hunger.
Now I just need to start making better choices again.

My head feels clear and most of my heavy thoughts have lifted.
This may be because I have not gotten on the scale.

That DAN scale.

So it is back in the saddle I go.

Cooking and choosing healthy foods and eating small, appropriate portions.

It can be done. It shall be done.