Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov. 14, 2010

I have had my first run in with the holiday eating situations.

My lovely in-laws came to town and we got together twice to eat.

Friday night, I was not hungry when I arrived....but the popcorn had been popped and I did not say NO to my
nose. The thing that happens tho when I eat before I am hungry, is that then the hunger doesn't come around by the time the meal is served. So I ate dinner because it was time to eat and not because I was hungry.

I made good choices and took small portions of the food that I did eat.
I drank water and did not have seconds.

So I am not beating myself up about it too much. A slip.

Until Saturday night when we met again for dinner.

This time I was hungry.

And I over ate.
A few too many crackers with cheese and salami. (Definitely didn't even consider the contents of the salami)
A little bit too much chili. (White chili with beans. Very good. Got the recipe.)

But the kicker was I drank some Sierra mist with cranberry. It was made from sugar. I was thirsty.
I was weak. I drank about 16 oz.

This sugary drink is what made my tummy feel full and icky.


Thanksgiving is coming up.
We will be traveling.

I have run the first leg of the holiday relay.
My results were not impressive. Today and tomorrow I will be extremely careful when I eat...and what I eat.
Hopefully I will still have good news on the scale on Tuesday morning.

So far today I am listening to my tummy.
(That's the thing I love about listening to your hunger. There is always the next meal that you can wait for...and succeed in waiting for hunger.)

I CAN do this.

I do not want my ankles to swell back up and I really love that my shirts close over my tummy.