Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov. 24 2010

Tuesdays weigh in brought a small loss of one pound.

Total since Sept. 7th minus 11.

I would sure like to lose a three pounds by Dec. 7th.
Small goal but herculean when you consider Thanksgiving is here.

My family will be walking in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.
Wouldn't this be a cool tradition to continue in the years to come.

Well. I guess I should say that AFTER the walk :o)

My goal as I approach the weekend is to make great choices and eat only when I am hungry.

I need to make sure I eat light before the big meal so I am hungry at meal time.

This is key for me.

Oh! And this means taste testing will have to be minimal. Now that I think of it. That will be the challenge!!

I will not love the food more than the company and God.

I will be sensible and eat with thankfulness and joy and control.

Lord, help me!