Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov. 9, 2010

I am really hungry. It is 9:45 in the morning.
I had a Iced Grande Nonfat Chai at 8:00.

My body is already calling for fuel.

Three weeks ago, I wouldn't have thought this was possible. The wait for hunger seemed very long.
I wouldn't be hungry at 'dinner time". I would finally get hungry at 9:00 pm.
That, to me, is pretty weird. I don't want to eat at nine o'clock at night.
But I realized that I was eating way past full at lunch time so my body had plenty of food to last well into the night.

The last two weeks I have been pushing food away. I have been eating slower and noticing when I am full.
This for me is harder than waiting for hunger. The full feeling feels like it comes very quickly.
(My mouth is not ready to stop chewing yet.)

Yes. I like to chew for a long time. I like my food to last.
This longing to chew is fading and for that I am grateful.

I still eat my bagel every morning because it is substantial to me.
Two eggs, sunny side up with one piece of toast is gone in a flash with very little chewing necessary.
I can be done with eggs and a piece of toast in three minutes.

A bagel, now that is more like it. I get to chomp on it for at least five minutes.
I feel like I have eaten. It registers in my mind as something solid and satisfying.

But, thankfully, as I eat less, I get to eat more often. And that is nice. I am closer to the family schedule.
(Except when I am ravenous by 4:00 in the afternoon and eat BEFORE everyone else :o) )

It has taken me two months, but I feel good.
I feel free.

I am less in love with food and eating than I was a month ago.
There has been a change. It feels normal. It feels natural. It feels wonderful.
It's my favorite way to lose weight.

Two month weigh in this morning;

Total lost -10