Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov. 1, 2010

Virtue —even attempted virtue— brings light; indulgence brings fog —C.S. Lewis

This quote came thru on my Twitter account on Sunday. I immediately thought of how this applied to my unhealthy overeating.

In my life, indulgence really did bring fog.

I was lost and wandering around. I wasn't seeing clearly.
It was dreary.

Taking food off it's pedestal has been a real lightening.

I can not say that I am or feel virtuous.
That word is too high for me to apply to this situation.

But the coming out of the fog due to attempting to put eating in it's proper place.
That is and feels good.



I have no interest in the candy this year. In the past years I bought bags of Butterfingers and ate them one by one before Halloween. Then I went out to buy more to give away.

This year I did not do this.

Katie got loads of candy. I put it in a bowl on the piano. It looks so festive.

Yet. I am unmoved.

My head is clear and I am content.
Listening to my body for signals of hunger is freeing.

I am going to have a good weigh in tomorrow. I can't wait.