Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 27

Listening to my body. More specifically listening to my stomach and hunger.

I forgot how to do this. And then I remembered for a while and then I forgot again.

In 1997 I helped lead a group of women in a Bible study based weight loss program called Weigh Down Workshop. (Told ya, I've done em all) As with most of the diets I tried in my earlier years (up to age 42) I was successful with sticking with the program and losing weight.

I started the WDW diet at an all time weight high at the time. I weighed 207 pounds.
I was mortified. But my friend and I jumped right in and started the group.
We met once a week and watched videos hosted by the skinny and charismatic Gwen Shamblin.
We discussed and prayed and did a private weigh in.

In a year I lost 50 pounds.

The key to the Weigh Down Workshop was; Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full.
Pray to fill the void.

That's it. I listened and listened and listened to the tapes and I journaled.

I ate Pringles and drank diet pop and ate bagels with cream cheese, olives and cashews.

Eat whatever you want. Just never eat if you are not hungry. This was God's way of eating.

Well. Except I don't think they had Pringles and Dr. Pepper in ancient times.
(Come to think of it Pringles are a little line manna aren't they?)

But to this day, I do agree with the idea that we were created to eat when we are hungry and to stop when we are full.

Even with making poor food choices, my mission was accomplished. And then gradually, I took my eyes off the ball.
Once I let up a little's all over for me. I start gaining again. By 1999 I had gained 20 pounds. Twenty pounds came back in that one year. I wasn't too despondent about it. I liked being in my 150's...but 170's didn't freak me out too much....
BUT THEN I got pregnant. I tried to follow the plan a little and I tried not to be a glutton...but some how....I gained 50 pounds with my little tiny 5 lb 6 oz. baby.

And lo and behold.... I have had a heck of a time losing weight ever since then.

So I blame Katie.

The End.

Not really. But I have tried many methods of weight loss since I had Katie, ten YEARS ago, and I have failed miserably.

From everything I have heard it is more difficult to lose weight as you age. I don't know all the reasons why this is....but gosh, it really seems to be true in my case.

This year I am combining a few methods. I am trying not to eat just to eat. I am waiting for hunger. Even if it is a piece of fruit.
But I am also making healthy choices to go along with my renewed commitment to listen to my body.

It sure sounds like a winning plan. I can only hope and persevere!