Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 41

We went to the Badgers game last night!

This was suppose to be great fun.

But because of my sore knee, it was a big pain in the knee.

We drove and parked downtown by 3:30. We walked around until we got in the stadium at 5:30. When we got to our seats....
the people were standing up. They would not sit down. We scooted down and watched the pre-game activities from someone elses seats so we could sit down. The stadium filled up and we were stuck behind the stander uppers.

Oh. BTW. My knee was killing me. All I wanted to do was sit down. So I sat and looked over at the jumbo tron to watch the game.

There was activity all around:
Jumping Around.
Crazy high five-ing fans.
A huge high stepping marching band.

And a stadium full of standing fans.(When did this stupid ritutal start?)

All I wanted to do was sit down and it's all I could think about.

The Badgers beat the number one team and all I cared about was "Why in the world won't these people sit down.!"

It's depressing when a whole stadium is in better shape than you are?


P.s. I had water.