Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 46

My head feels light.
The dark clouds have lifted.

Two days without obsessing about food.

I have only eaten when I was hungry.

This makes three meals a day or six small meals a day not a way of life because when I am waiting for hunger...I can wait a long time.

Yesterday I had my Chai for breakfast. After I drank it I was not hungry until I was coming home from a get together at noon.
I stopped at Chipotle. I got a Burrito bowl with chicken. I ate this until I was full. To be honest. very full.

I was busy all afternoon and when I got home at dinner time I wasn't a bit hungry. So I didn't eat.
I did not fret about this. I could eat when my stomach told me it was time.

At about 9:10 my stomach rumbled. I went and made two pieces of toast for myself. Probably should have had fruit or cooked veggie...but I was going for something quick and the easy.

I could have just ignored the hunger and gone to bed, but you know you have nightmares if you go to bed on an empty stomach.


I don't know when I heard that bit of folk lore....but it does cross my mind and may or may not have influenced my decision to eat toast at 9:00.

(It was probably more of me wanting to reward myself for waiting for the hunger.)

So again this morning, I had my Chai with skinny milk and wasn't hungry until 10:30 so I ate a bagel.

At noon I was at the hair salon and didn't even think about lunch. This is actually miraculous. I'm a eater by the clock.

"It's NOON! I can EAT!"

That did not happen and in fact I didn't notice hunger until I was driving home from school with Katie.

When I got home I heated up some soup and had some delicious crackers (3) and cheese.

And here I am...still feeling satisfied and not really expecting to be hungry before bedtime.

I think I will skip the toast tonight. I know I can do it.
I will pick up the Bible instead and feast on the Word of God.

I started reading Acts last night. I have never read that whole book of the Bible before.

It's a page turner!