Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 34

Company Challenges and Strategies.

I have had company since Friday. My sister came to town and I wanted to show her a good time :o)

She loves Wisconsin beer so I bought her some of that. I bought her cheese curds and Kringles and Affy Tapples too.
All delicious treats to say "Welcome".

Since I don't drink alcohol and never have, I have it kind of easy....
I can imagine this is tricky for those who love their beer and wine.

And I just might be trying some red wine this year since I hear it is so GREAT for you.
But to tell the truth, I have a hard time eating or drinking things that I think taste icky.

But anyway. I had a few cheese curds and a tiny piece of an almond Kringle. The caramel apples went home with Cindy when she left this morning.

Great success when faced with delicious treats in the house.

We went out to eat three times, also.

The first night I had water with my meal of a Mediterranean Pasta salad.
On Saturday I had a wonderful salad for lunch. It had lettuce,grapes, apples, blue cheese and pecans.
Again I enjoyed two glasses of water.

And guess what...I have begun to like water. I am starting to recognize thirst for what it is and I am craving water.
This is a wonderful thing for me. Water was torture for me to drink.

And now I love it.


For dinner I ate a 6 oz filet, mashed potatoes and a small piece of bread with butter.

I was moderate and ate with self control.


Cindy and I walked quite a big on Saturday too.

Around the capitol, up and down State St.
We wandered around Paoli, but that hardly counts as it is a teeny town.

But I was active and for me that is a good day.
Instead of sitting on my tuckus I was up and around.

No marathon, but a step in the right direction!

So besides loving every moment of being with my sister, I succeeded in eating healthfully and I even got a little
exercise along the way.

It feels good to stick with it.

Oh! And guess what I found at the Farmer's Market?
Local Eggs!!!

What a great find! I'm so happy about it!