Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 11

We went to Pizza Brutta tonight.

When we use to go to Pizza Brutta I had my own 'pie' and a root beer. Now I have two small pieces of pizza and a small Greek salad. (This salad is not small but it is on the plan so I enjoy it thoroughly. The pizza is very much like the pizza we ate in Rome, it is very fresh and flavorful.

Along with my pizza I had a Greek salad and a glass of water. A glass of water I tell you!
This is huge for me for me and I didn't even feel sorry for myself.

This is the only restaurant we have gone to since I have been eating healthfully.
It's the perfect place. They make their own cheese and take great care to buy ingredients locally.
I take great care to limit myself and I leave very satisfied.

Dear Pizza Brutta.
I love you.