Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 13

Over the summer, Emma would bring me Iced Chai's from Starbucks.
I don't drink coffee and she thought this might be something I like.

I did like it, but not enough to go to Starbucks and pay for it! Until I started eating more healthy.
Without Diet Dr. Pepper to keep me awake I was unbearably tired. And depressed.

Then one night I read in What to Eat that caffeine is not a terrible thing.
Marion discusses Chai and even the Chai from Starbucks. Her only concern with Starbucks is the high amounts of sugar in many of the drinks.
This made me feel free to go and get something as long as I was careful. A Tall Nonfat Iced Chai has 150 calories.
I really needed the caffeine.

The amount of sugar does not disturb me because I am not adding or eating any other sugar in my daily diet.

After drinking my first Tall Chai, I decided it was just too small.

The next size is a Grande and it has 200 calories.

This is what I have been doing this week. I have been totally and completely enjoying my Chai.
It is really the highlight of my day.

But. It's expensive and inconvenient to go to Starbucks even once a day for me.

(Emma told me that a woman comes thru the drive up at her Starbucks four times a day. EVERYDAY! Can you imagine?)

So I was wondering if I could make this savory drink on my own. I saw a product on the Starbucks website and thought that might be the ticket. But then just yesterday Emma spotted this container at Target. It was only $4.00!
It is exactly the same brand they use at Starbucks and it is even organic!

So I bought some and today I made some for myself and it was wonderful.

(I had a little indigestion this afternoon and I hope it is not from my drink.
I will know tomorrow if the same thing happens after I make my daily Chai.)

Chai is black tea with spices.
The drink I have has skim milk in it and ice cubes.

I love it.
It has been a really life saver for me!