Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 22

Rule # 8 in Michael Pollen's book says 'Avoid food products that make health claims.'

He says it needs a package to have a health claim written on it and wants us to realize that the fresh produce is the healthiest thing in the store and it holds no label.

This reminds me of Oprah's friend Bob Greene and his 'best life' label.

I think Bob is probably a super healthy guy, but he puts his 'best life' label on Yoplait yogurt; the one with NutraSweet.

I hate that NutraSweet is put in diet foods and considered healthy.

There is nothing healthy about putting a fake sweetener in your food.

I knew it all long when I was drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.
I was not fooled. I knew it was a slightly risky choice. I remember when NutraSweet came out on the market in the 1980's and my girlfriend showed me all sorts of information on how bad it was for me. I believed her....but I didn't care.

Sometimes we just don't care.

What I do care about is claiming a food is good for you,
when it really isn't.

Even in my state of denial about most of the foods I was eating, when I looked at the label on the Yoplait yogurt, I knew Bob was wrong about this.

Both Bob Greene and Michael Pollen have been on Oprah's show.
Just not at the same time.
Some of their ideas are very contradictory.

I kinda think that Michael and Bob need to sit down and talk.