Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 4

Not only is this the year of living healthfully. It is going to be the year of cooking more than I have ever cooked in my life.

I am going to have to cook things myself.

I love and collect cookbooks and I adore watching the Food Network but I haven’t put into practice much of anything I have read or watched. Oh! I have searched out Guy
Fieries Diners Drive ins and Dives. Oh yes I have. But that’s not going to cut it this year.

So today I cooked.
I am used to cooking one meal a day: dinner. Breakfast and lunch are assembled or toasted.

I am realizing the effort it takes to prepare delicious, whole foods for myself. But since I had great success with an apple dish I made yesterday, I feel happily optimistic.

This quick apple dish tasted like the inside of an apple pie. It was so much better than applesauce from a jar.
It's the best thing I have eaten this week!

Here is the recipe:

4 apples peeled and cut in big chunks off the apple.
1 Tbs. brown sugar.
1 tsp. organic butter
sprinkle cinnamon

Toss in crock pot.
Cook on low for about four hours or until soft and mushy.


Enjoy the taste of fall!


I peeled apples and cored apples and then I peeled and boiled potaotes.
It took time but I had wonderful baked apples for a snack and tasty mashed potatoes with a portion of home baked whole chicken from Whole foods for dinner.

more effort + time waiting = delicious success!

I wonder how many calories are burned preparing meals?