Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 16

Just got home from a nice little bike ride around the neighborhood. I came up the big hill and my heart is pounding and I can feel it in my throat.

My knee does not hurt. I could feel the burn and fatigue in my thighs but not my I think I will stick with the bike riding.

I'm doing great with my eating.
I think I will go to Whole Foods after school with Katie and find something for dinner.

I fixed another flop last night.

The dish was called Thai Peanut sobu noodles.

I used rice noodles and prepared the rest of the dish according to the recipe...and it was blah.

I love peanut sauce but this did not have enough flavor. I threw the rest of it out.
I really hate to waste food but I could not eat it. blah.

(Is it really a crime to use I in eight sentences in a row? Really?)

These cooking failures are frustrating but I consider myself a baby in the cooking dept.
The only way to fix to make something I know how to make.

That Mandarin orange salad. That's it. I'm making that next!