Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 5

Day 5

I'm never going to be perfect. ( yes. Those who know me can stop laughing... I'm very far from perfect.). But by not pretending that I am going to be the perfect health nut, I give myself freedom. Freedom to make a mistake and not call it a mistake . Today I made hamburgers for the family for dinner. I did s lot of things very right.

I made the hamburgers with grass fed ground beef from whole foods.
very good
I used whole wheat bread instead of a white bun.
Very good
I used lettuce and a heirloom tomato I bought from the farmers market.
Super good.
Where I failed was in the condiments.
I just forgot to buy organic and I didn't even think to make my own.
So I ate a little Hellmans mayonnaise and a lettle squirt of Heinz ketchup.
But I just can't cancel out the other good choices I made.
It was a delicious hamburger and the only red meat I have had this week.

Not perfect but perfectly acceptable.

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