Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 19

Once upon a time I did the liquid diet.

After I gave birth to Emma the weight was not coming off very well.

I weighed 175 pounds. (I would like to weight that much now. In fact. That could be my goal weight.
No goal weight has been set. But I know the weights of all starts and finishes of diets. And that was my start weight.)

The doctor who monitored this liquid diet wanted you to be 50 pounds overweight in order to be on this diet; it was called Medifast. Just like Oprah.
I pretended that I wanted to weight 125 pounds. I really never planned on weighing 125 pounds. I hadn't weighed that much since maybe sophomore year in high school. It was unrealistic but it was the weight I needed to say to get the Medifast.

I drank three large glasses of powder and diet red soda a day (mixed together).
That's all.
In ten weeks I lost 40 pounds.
It was great.

At 135 I felt ready to start adding food to my diet.

Patrick and I went out for dinner and I had a big huge plate of veggies( it was a stir fry of sorts)

The veggies got stuck.

In those ten weeks, scar tissue from my previous surgery (the awful horrible nearly killed me ruptured appendix) decided to wrap itself around my skinny, empty intestines.

I had a bowel obstruction.

Who knows if the liquid diet had anything to do with the scar tissue wrapping around my intestines. I think it was just bad luck.

But I had surgery and recovered. It was a horrible experience.

I eventually edged my way back up to 180 and stayed there for many years.

Until I started homeschooling.

When I think back on that liquid diet all I can think about is the terrible outcome of having a surgery the day after I started eating food. And today I marvel at what I was consuming. All chemicals and crap filled diet soda.

Oh goodness. That had to be the craziest diet I ever tried.
How I would love to lose 40 pounds in ten weeks again. But I must remember that that diet did not work for very long. I was regaining in six months.

I am afraid it will have to be slow and steady wins the race for me this time, and I have got to learn to LOVE it.

One day at a time. One meal at a time. One year at a time.